1. The Hirer agrees to pay the Room Hire Rate in force at the date of this agreement (see schedule) and in addition and in all cases a deposit of £150 is also payable which will be refunded subject to paragraphs 2 and 3 below. Payment is due in advance and must be received no less than one week prior to the period of hire agreed above.
  2. The Hirer agrees to leave the premises which includes the room hired, the toilets, passages and kitchen giving access, clean and reasonably free of litter and refuse.
  3. Any loss or damage to fixtures, fittings or property of Regal Area Community Association (RACA) must be reported to the Caretaker or Administrator as soon as reasonably possible. The Hirer agrees to indemnify RACA in respect of any such loss or damage (fair wear and tear excepted) and any such indemnity will not be limited to the deposit payable under paragraph 1.
  4. Hirers agree to be considerate of the residents in the neighbourhood of the Community Centre and avoid wherever practical making excessive noise. External doors and windows should remain closed when the premises are being used for the performance or production of live or recorded music or where such music or any public address system is used in connection with any activity of the Hirer.
  5. The Hirer must not exceed the hours of public entertainment which for the purposes of this agreement shall be from 9.00am to11.30pm Monday to Saturday, and must ensure that patrons depart from the premises no later than 30 minutes after the event finishes without causing disturbance in the street. The Association shall hire the services of a police officer if and when the need arises and any charges so incurred will be the sole responsibility of the Hirer.
  6. Noise emanating from the Main Hall shall not exceed 40dB(A) as measured at 1metre from any external façade of any habitable dwelling between the hours the premises are open for public entertainment.
  7. The Hirer undertakes to make certain that no more than 90 persons shall be present in the Main Hall at the function for which it is booked. The maximum number of persons attending a function in the Meeting Room shall be no more than 35.
  8. No alcohol may be bought or sold for consumption on or off the premises unless the Hirer has, with the consent of RACA, obtained a temporary licence from the relevant licensing authority.
  9. The Hirer agrees to be bound by RACA’s Health and Safety Policy. A copy of this policy is displayed on the main Notice Board and is also available from the Administrator on request.
  10. The Hirer is solely responsible for the well being and safety of users and occupiers of the premises hired out under the terms of this agreement and will indemnify RACA for all loss and damage and personal injury arising from and during such use by the Hirer howsoever caused.
  11. The signatory below shall be the person responsible for such indemnity provided for in paragraph 10 above and both in his/her personal capacity and on behalf of the organisation he/ she represents.
  12. If the Hirer or his/her invitees are found to be in serious breach of the terms of this agreement RACA reserve the right to terminate the use of the room hired forthwith.
  13. The Hirer has the right to cancel this agreement on giving no less than 14 days notice to RACA and will receive a full refund of any monies paid.
  14. In the event that RACA is unable to provide the room booked under this agreement because of circumstances outside of its control (e.g. flooding, fire, interruption of power supply or heating failure) all possible steps will be taken to provide an alternative room. If however it is impossible to accommodate the Hirer RACA reserve the right either to offer an alternative booking, or cancel and refund all monies paid under this agreement. The Hirer acknowledges that RACA will not be responsible for any losses financial or otherwise which the Hirer may suffer as a result of cancellation in accordance with this clause.